Announcing the Launching of the

DFW Messianic Jewish Community Center

January 30, 2017

From the Desk of Phyllis Williams

Over the last several years there has been much confusion over the Tehilla Messianic Ministries Worship and Fine Arts Center.  Tehilla Messianic Ministries is NOT a congregation.  I am often times asked when and what time our services are held.  Instead, I tell people that we are NOT a congregation but that I will be happy to give them the names of all the congregations in our area.  Because of the name, “Worship and Fine Arts Center” we believe that people have mistaken our intention for the community.  We want to be able to be a light and a resource for the Jewish, Messianic and Christian Communities, a place where all can come together as one and fellowship together without any fear.  Coming together truly as One New Man on neutral ground, so to speak.

We prayed about this a long time and I fasted and I listened to what G-d seemed to be telling me and what I heard was a name change.  We felt our place should reflect more things to more people.   DFW Messianic Jewish Community Center reflects exactly what this awesome center should be.   I remember back around 2002 when we had a community wide Sukkot gathering up in Plano.  It was so very incredible to have all the Messianic congregations together worshiping and praising G-d.   It is our goal and our joy to see so many more of these things come together in a more centralized location so everyone in Dallas and Fort Worth are able to come and use the Center.

We hope to have the participation of all the congregations.  You and your congregation can help in three ways.  1) Prayer Support, 2) input and 3) ongoing Financial support.  We are seeking people from Messianic congregations in the DFW area to be a part of this great venture so your voice can be heard.  We would like to hear from the community of the kinds of things that you want like to see here at the MJCC.   Let us hear from you on:

  •     How can this MJCC help YOUR congregation?
  •     What do you need from us?
  •     What kind of programs can we provide that would be helpful to your congregation?

The following are things that we already provide:

  •     Hebrew classes on several levels,
  •     Davidic dance on several levels,
  •     Tambourine classes,
  •     Flags,
  •     Taborets,
  •     Piano lessons.
  •     Craft Resource Room

We are planning on having a board to run the MJCC.  Along with everyone’s participation we are looking for people who want to be part of our board.  If you are interested or want more information please contact Phyllis Williams (contact info below).  The first meeting for this board will take place Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m at the Center.

The MJCC will have its own website that will be separate from Tehilla Messianic Ministries but can be gotten to from it just as the Judaica store does.

The DFW MJCC will continue housing our Davidic dance classes, the Tehilla Dance Team practice, Hebrew classes and our praise and worship workshops as well as worship nights and concerts with Messianic artists and other classes seminars.  It also houses our Judaica store which is growing and we invite you to come by and shop.

Our purpose is to introduce, instruct and familiarize the Body of Messiah in the many facets of Expressive Worship and to explore our Jewish Roots in order to facilitate intimacy with our Messiah, Yeshua. It is our desire to add more things to the center that will assist in bring the Jewsih, Messianic and Christian communities together.

The Tehilla Messianic Dance Team is a group of dancers from various congregations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that have come together to give dance presentations to congregations, churches and organizations  to share with them the Jewish Roots of the Bible.  This is also a team of Davidic Dance teachers, leaders and choreographers and each one teaches in our dance seminars.

Davidic Dance – Through the teaching of Davidic Dance and our Davidic Dance Seminars we assist congregations in starting or growing their own dance teams. We offer resources to leaders of congregations to help them in building their own dance teams. Our goal is to raise up Praise and Worship dance leaders, teachers, choreographers and dancers in worship to Messiah.  We offer Davidic Dance training DVD’s for the learning of the dance steps and various dances.

Davidic Dance Worship nights – It is our desire to have praise and worship nights several times throughout the year where the dancers and worshipers can come together and just enjoy dancing to the L-rd together.  We do not know if this would be weekly, bi-monthly or quarterly at this time.  Part of our desire and goal is to help to bring the Messianic Congregations together and stand together against enemy.  We will have different Messianic artists and/or worship teams from the different congregations

Tambourine Workshops – Tambourine ministry is one of spiritual warfare, defeating the enemy and putting him under our feet in Yeshua’s name.  In every pattern used we PLAY the Word.  In our  workshops you will be taught many different patterns that can be used in praise and worship.  Each of these patterns is based on Scripture.  You will learn the proper way to hold the Tambourine and how to play it so it sounds beautiful and how to put it to music.  Please note, Tmbourines and Tassels are available through the Judaica Store.

Shofar Lessons – Teach students the correct way to blow the Shofar and the different sounds for the different holidays and events.

Hebrew Lessons – offering Biblical Hebrew classes so the student can  learn to read the scriptures in Hebrew and let read the Hebrew prayers.  We are also offering a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for those small congregations that do not have this available to them.

Music Lessons – we offer an environment where teachers are able to provide various types of music lessons such as piano, voice, strings, etc.

Judaica Shop -We have a Judaica Shop that offers all sorts of Judaic items such as Messianic Music, Jewelry, Holiday Supplies, Tallits, Shofars, Messianic Artwork, Bibles, Books, etc.  It is our desire to connect with local Messianic Artisans, purchase their work and sell them in our Judaica Shop.  All proceeds from the sales in the Judaica Shop go to support the ministry and therefore are considered a donation for tax purposes.

Craft Room – A craft room is available stoked with many different types of supplies to make items for sale in the Judaica Shop.  Contact the Tehilla office in interested in assisting in this area.

Worship Dancewear – We believe that modesty in dancewear when dancing for the Lord is essential. Therefore, we will offer a variety of modest costuming for both practice and performance.

Music and Video Recording Studio – The Tehilla Messianic Dance Team will be producing Davidic Dance teaching videos. We eventually want to offer a place for Messianic Music artists to have a place to produce their own CD’s.

Praise and worship implements – crafting of praise and worship implements such as taborets, banners, flags, streamers, etc.  Materials for making these are available through the craftroom.


Upcoming Events

Community Shabbat Dinner

March 16, 2018
12:00 am

Community Shabbat Dinner

April 20, 2018
12:00 am

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